Programmed Maintenance
Soft Landscaping
Price List


Prices for specified materials and plants are available on request.

Projects with difficult access or other issues may attract additional fees.

Please feel free to call or email Edvin for a no obligation quotation.


Service Price inclusive of Goods and Services Tax
Labour Fee $ 70 per manhour (Minimum 2 hours $ 140.00)
Slow Release Fertiliser $ 12 per Kg
Rubbish Removal - Garden Bag (Approx. 1 cubic metre) $ 24 per Bag
Selective Lawn Herbicide (Bindii, Clover, etc) $ 9 per 100 mL of concentrate.
Mulch - Cyprus Fine, Hoop Fines, Tea Tree, etc. (Delivery fee extra) $ 75 per Cubic Metre
Soil - Premium Garden (Delivery fee extra) $ 77.00 per Cubic Metre
Fertiliser/Insecticides/Miticides/Herbicides Prices Available on Request

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