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In order to keep outdoor spaces looking their best most plants require hedging and shaping.

House Island Horticultural is able to manage the shape of plants to maximise their appearance, health and functionality.


Lawns are not only aesthetically pleasing but when well position they are cooling and are a practical surface for many uses.

Lawns require regular attention to be kept in great condition. House Island Horticultural provides regular servicing for lawns including: cutting; fertilising; weed control; insect and disease control; renovation; etc.

Plant Health

Plants are susceptible to disease and insect damage while under stress. House Island Horticultural aims to prevent plant stress from occurring by ensuring plants have adequate soil nutrients available, correct soil pH, are correctly positioned and have adequate water available.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to apply Insecticides/ Miticides/ Fungicides to prevent irreversible or aesthetically unpleasing damage to plants. Targeted and well managed pest control strategies are the best way to manage these issues.

Weed Control

Weed infestation is unsightly but it also competes with other plants for space, sunlight, nutrients and water. The presence of weeds also builds up the weed seed bank in the soil making future control more difficult.

House Island Horticultural can provide a long term management approach to weed control by physically removing weed plants, treating the area with herbicide and mulching heavily.


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