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House Island Horticultural provides a customised Consultation service.

Some of the consulting services provided include:

Literature reviews.

Investigating, testing, measuring and assessing variables relevant to Horticultural situations.

Collating material obtained into a formal and correctly referenced Scientific report.

Miscellaneous investigations of a wide range of issues.

Examples of common consulting projects include:

Formulating a client brief considering specific Horticultural requirements and considerations to present to Landscape Architects, Contractors and Builders.

Supporting Architects, Contractors and Designers with research, specific Horticultural advice and reporting.

Providing a third party opinion of landscaping, bush regeneration, irrigation, materials and planting works undertaking by contractors.

Producing scientific technical reports written for presentation in disputes with Contractors i.e. QCAT Mediation and Hearings.

Producing project outlines, guides and specifications for home builder projects.

Designing tests and scientific experiments to accurately investigate efficacy of new Horticultural products or techniques.

An initial consultation is offered free of charge to obtain an intial client brief and discuss the scope and related costs involved in an investigation.


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